Sanisphère & ICI Toilettes: making toilets accessible to everyone, everywhere!

ICI Toilettes is proud to announce its cooperation with Sanisphèreone of France’s leading suppliers of dry toilets for public spaces. The company has adopted an eco-responsible approach to water conservation, while ensuring that its toilets are suitable for all environments, throughout France. Sanisphère toilets can now be found on the ICI Toilets app, for all your urgent needs.

A common mission: to relieve our needs!

The mission of needs relief in the public space is shared between Sanisphère and ICI Toilettes. Together, we are committed to providing affordable, reliable and environmentally-friendly sanitary solutions that meet the needs of users throughout France. Through this collaboration, we join forces to ensureefficient and comfortable access to toilets, reflecting our shared commitment to people’s well-being and convenience.

But who is Sanisphere?

Since it was set up in 1991, SANISPHERE has been at the forefront of marketing environmentally-friendly public toilets. These innovative toilets require no water, electricity or drainage, offering a practical, environmentally-friendly solution to the sanitation challenges communities will face in the coming years. Thanks to Sanisphère’s innovative technology, 600,000 cubic meters of drinking water have been saved – the equivalent of 260 Olympic-size swimming pools! What’s more, the Sanisphere system guarantees a 0% leak/overflow rate.

Here are Sanisphère's 5 commitments to the planet:


Sanisphère studies behaviors and characteristics to develop new products and improve the existing ones.


The wood used in our buildings is PEFC-sourced.


Sanisphère works to install toilets in Morocco, particularly in travellers halting sites, to ensure decent sanitary conditions for all.

Toilets for everyone

Installation of toilets in buildings and developing habitats, as part of our commitment to providing sanitary facilities accessible to all.

Value-added R&D

Sanisphère cooperates with the Réseau de l'Assainissement Écologique and ATEP (Acteurs du Traitement des Eaux de la Parcelle), to promote its efforts for innovation in water treatment.

Locate Sanisphere toilets everywhere in France!

Sanisphère toilets have been integrated into the ICI Toilettes app, reinforcing our commitment to listing always more toilets in our app. With around 1,200 toilets listed, users can now access sanitary facilities more easily wherever they are, offering inclusive and convenient relief at all times.

Find all Sanisphère toilets on ICI Toilettes!

To view all our partner retailers who share their toilets in your town,open our ICI Toilettes application or go to our “Partners” section at the top of our website page.

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