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The free and essential app that lists public toilets and those of our valuable partner retailers.

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Locate public toilets all over France, but not only!

Would you like to know if you have access to a retailer’s toilet in your town? Or even see if we’ve checked the toilets in your town? Go to our mapping page.

Verified information

On the app, you'll find toilet opening times, photos and details of facilities such as PRM accessibility.

Problems reported

In case of unavailability, closure or technical issues, you are invited to report any problem directly on the application. The map is updated in real time.

Retail partners

When a city has a contract with ICI Toilettes, we establish a network of partners who open their toilets to the public for free.

The little extras

Our retail partners provide free sanitary producs! We also indicate the presence of changing tables if you have young children.

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How does the application work? 👋

Who hasn’t had an urgent need while out in the city? Whether you’re going out with the kids, on a shopping spree or on a business meeting, access to the toilet shouldn’t be a barrier to your activities. With ICI Toilettes, the nearest toilets are right in your pocket!


A pressing need?

Filter to your heart's content!

I open the HERE app on my smartphone to see the toilets available around me in real time, with filters for PRM access and changing tables.


I choose my toilet!

Trackez en temps réel!

For each sanitary point, I find a data sheet with photos, equipment, journey time and additional information. The app guides me to the bathroom door.


I act for the community!

Note the toilets!

In the event of a problem (closure, hygiene issues, etc.) I can report the toilet directly and make a note of it to let the community know!

ICI Toilettes available on all your devices!

We’d love to hear your great reviews of the blinds. This will motivate us even more to develop the ICI Toilettes project.

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Our retail
partners 💜

The strength of ICI Toilettes lies in its network of retail partners in the associated towns. In Grenoble, Nantes and Montreuil, for example, you can access the toilets of retailers referenced on the app, free of charge.

And it doesn’t stop there! We sign a charter of values with our partners, guaranteeing you a warm and friendly welcome. You’ll also find free periodic hygiene kits in their toilets.

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