Our associative partners (associations)

Urban Services, which develops the ICI application, holds the Social and Solidarity Enterprise accreditation. This ensures that our primary objective is the pursuit of social utility. In practical terms, our commitment is reflected through a balanced distribution of our revenues between retail partners, community organizations and Urban Services. We’ve chosen to collaborate with associations whose approaches are aligned with our project’s criteria. Their regular beneficiaries will find value in our free access to public toilets, whether for health or precarity reasons.

Association: APF Handicap France

APF France Handicap is a major French organization advocating for and representing people with disabilities and their families. The association is active in all areas of daily life through its network of advocacy, medical, social, and healthcare structures.

The association acts against discrimination and for equal rights, citizenship, social participation and free choice of lifestyle for people with disabilities and their families. APF France Handicap is a major French organization advocating for and representing people with disabilities and their families.

Association: La Cloche

The association La Cloche develops programmes and activities aimed at changing perceptions of the homeless and fostering the creation and maintenance of social bonds through “doing together” among neighbors with and without homes, to build a more inclusive and supportive society.

Its “Carillon” project is a network of solidarity-minded shopkeepers who open their doors to people experiencing homelessness or precarious situations by providing free services such as access to water, phone charging, and more… some of them may also offer their customers to pre-pay for products such as coffees, meals, haircuts, and more, that will be later consumed by those in need.

Our partner companies

The values promoted by Urban Services are reflected throughout the implementation of our solution. That’s why we also choose suppliers with a similar approach to ours. Environmentally friendly, health-conscious, and made in France products, bike deliveries—our daily commitment contributes to improving the lives of users, so let’s start small!


Tampons and sanitary pads made with organic and natural ingredients that respect your body. And nothing else. A committed brand fighting against menstrual insecurity, offering quality products wich part of the benefits are donated to women’s aid associations.


Sicklo is a delivery-by-bike cooperative founded in July 2019 in Grenoble. Owned and founded by its own couriers, it offers a 100% carbon-free, bicycle-only delivery solution to Grenoble’s private individuals, shops and restaurants. Sicklo is committed to providing quality service while ensuring its couriers social protection and good working conditions.


Narvélos is a cooperative of couriers committed to eco-friendly, supportive and local delivery:

• ecofriendly: we deliver exclusively by cargo bike

• supportive: our couriers have permanent contracts, enjoy good working conditions and form a supportive team. Everyone pedals, including the manager!

• local: anchored in Est Ensemble, we strengthen the region’s economic dynamic and promote short circuits between its producers, artisans and retailers.

Les Coursiers Nantais