Partner establishments in Montreuil

In Montreuil, we offer you a network of partner retailers who open their toilets to you for free to complement the public toilet facilities.

Access to the toilets is free of charge for the user and meets accessibility, cleanliness and welcome criteria verified by our teams. All the bars and brasseries listed on our application are under contract with Urban Services and the City of Montreuil. Like public toilets, they are listed on the app according to their geographical location, accessibility for the disabled, baby-changing facilities, etc. Closures, technical issues or high attendance are also taken into account in real time.

Of course, we can’t help but invite you to visit our partner establishments to support and promote them. If we’ve chosen them, maybe you would too?


This plant-based cafĂ© and fast-food restaurant is the ideal place to enjoy a delicious drink. You’ll be able to sit back and work in comfort, or enjoy one of their specialties (hot dogs, burgers or pancakes). Toilets are available free of charge if needed.


Neighborhood canteen serving Italian dishes with seasonal produce, hot drinks, pastries, craft beers, wines and cocktails, in a warm setting and with a sunny terrace. And there’s always a toilet to welcome you when in need.

Le Capri

Le Capri invites you to enjoy its large sunny terrace, where you can sample delicious pizzas. Our partner will welcome you in case of urgent need, with its specially PRM-adapted toilet facilities.


Medy welcomes you to her local tearoom and family canteen, with a dedicated children’s area. We particularly recommend the pastries and vegetarian dishes that will delight your taste buds.

Mange Disc

A superb place with a unique decor. Discover fine French cuisine indoors or on the terrace. Sanitary facilities are available if needed.

Le Babylone

A warm place, with a welcoming team, where you can enjoy Turkish specialities. Our partner welcomes you to use its sanitary facilities freely, should you need them.


A warm place, with a welcoming team, where you can enjoy Turkish specialities. Our partner welcomes you to freely use its sanitary facilities, should you need them.


Discover this wonderful place where you can meet up with friends or relax in a calm and welcoming setting. Our partner offers home cooking. Access to toilets is free of charge.

Les Nouveaux Sauvages

This bar offers you a selection of beers and drinks, and something to eat on the go if you’re hungry. A dynamic team is at your disposal, and there are sanitary facilities available if needed.


This spacious café-restaurant welcomes you in a large room beautifully decorated to create a unique atmosphere. You can enjoy French or international cuisine. Moreover, parents will appreciate the presence of a toilet area equipped with a changing table for comfortably changing their baby.