We’re delighted to announce another successful cooperation between ICI Toilettes and HAPPEE Services, aimed at providing even greater access to quality, free toilets. Thanks to this partnership, users of the ICI Toilettes app will now have access to mobile toilets provided by HAPPEE Services, enriching their toilet location experience wherever they are.

A strategic alliance for accessibility in an urban environment

Based on a shared vision of making urban spaces more accessible and welcoming, this alliance is a major step forward in the pursuit of innovative solutions to meet citizens’ fundamental needs. HAPPEE Services, a leading provider of mobile public toilets, has teamed up with ICI Toilettes, an application that offers easy, convenient access to public toilets, enhanced by a free service at a network of partner retailers in several French cities.

But who is Happee?

HAPPEE Services is a renowned player in the field of mobile public toilets, offering innovative solutions tailored to the needs of city dwellers. Their extensive product range includes mobile toilets, toilets for people with reduced mobility, eco-friendly dry toilets, showers and hand-washing facilities. The main mission of HAPPEE Services is to provide sanitary facilities for events in the Paris and PACA regions, making a point of honnor  to design  green installations.

Here are HAPPEE Services' 5 commitments to the planet:

Social Innovation

HAPPEE Services fights discrimination in the workplace and ensures a safe and pleasant working environment. And toilets are part of it!

Circular economy

HAPPEE Services has set up a waste recycling process to preserve ecosystems, concerning both its equipments and the waste collected from them, such as urine.

Towards carbon neutrality

HAPPEE Services takes daily action to reduce its CO2 emissions through low-carbon vehicles, strict maintenance processes, optimized rounds and reforestation initiatives.

Creating value

Enygea, the parent company of HAPPEE Services, is a fast-growing, independent French group. With 40 national branches and 350 employees.

Inclusive Solutions

HAPPEE Services offers inclusive hygiene solutions, with equipments adapted to people with reduced mobility and innovations that reduce waiting time between men and women.

A shared vision for an inclusive Paris

ICI Toilettes and HAPPEE Services share a common vision for Paris: a city where everyone feels welcomed, supported and included. Working hand in hand, we aspire to create an urban environment where public toilets are accessible to all, without exception. We firmly believe that initiatives such as this one help to strengthen social ties, promote inclusion and improve the quality of life of all Parisians.

Increased deployment of ICI Toilets in Paris during the olympic games

Thanks to this strategic partnership, ICI Toilettes will be deployed in Paris during the olympic games in June. with 100 partner retailers. The innovative mobile toilet solutions from HAPPEE Services are embedded into our existing network,offering an easy, convenient access to public toilets throughout the city. Whether you’re a Parisian resident, a tourist or just on the move, finding a quality public toilet will no longer be a challenge.

Find all HAPPEE Services toilets on ICI Toilettes!

To view all our partner retailers sharing their toilets in your town, open our ICI Toilettes application or go to our “Partners“at the top of our website.