How ICI Toilettes works: a civic application ÔÖ╗´ŞĆ

Our business model relies on a tripartite solution in which ICI Toilettes facilitates the connection between the stakeholders. Everyone faces an urgent need: thus, our market is vast. Our strategy is to be able to implement our solution in every town of 20,000 residents in France within the next 10 years.

In comparison, in Germany and Switzerland, a similar value proposition is now present in some 200 towns, with 2,200 retail partners. ICI Toilettes is an application that reaches the general public, with a direct impact on institutions (towns and local players) and retailer partners. We also want the compensation to be fair. In fact, the compensation awarded by the public authorities for ICI Toilettes is evenly distributed between the retail partners and Urban Services.

Working with towns & public authorities ­čĆź

ICI Toilettes not only helps to bridge the gap between retailers and city dwellers, but also involves the municipalities through a policy of supporting projects in the city center with a concern for social inclusion. Our solution complements public toilets, to address issues of access and quantity, but also to strengthen the facilities available to users.

Creating a connection between retailers and users thanks to ICI Toilettes ­čĹą

ICI Toilettes involves users by allowing them to report any technical issue related to toilet accessibility (or to the application!). And beyond the practical aspect of things, the challenge is to (re)assure everyone’s outings in the city, in collaboration with retailers. Isn’t it great to share these values with those who bring your city centers to life?

A strong support to the project
from associative partners

At ICI Toilettes, we firmly believe in the power of partnership to take our mission forward. Our solution couldn’t work without the invaluable support of our many associative partners, who share our commitment to universal access to clean, safe toilets. Together, we strive to create a world where everyone has access to dignified sanitary facilities. Find out more about our associative partners and join us in this essential mission by visiting our dedicated partners page.