Partner retailers in Nantes

In Nantes, we offer you a network of partners who will let you use their toilets free of charge to complement the public toilets on offer. Unfortunately, the city has terminated its contract with Urban Services. However, these committed partners are graciously present on our application out of conviction regarding the usefulness of our service. Our team wishes to maintain the service initially set up in this city!

Access to toilets is free for the user and meets criteria of accessibility, cleanliness and hospitality verified by our teams. Like public toilets, they are classified on the application according to their geographical location, accessibility for the disabled, baby changing facilities, etc. Closures, technical issues or high traffic are also taken into account in real time.

Of course, we can only encourage you to visit our partner establishments to support and promote them. If we’ve chosen them, perhaps you would, too?

La Fabrik à Jeux

It’s a restaurant where you can play games, located in the Feydeau district. We love going there to nibble while enjoying a good board game! Themed evenings are offered there, with everything you need for a great time with family and friends.

La Perle

One of the smallest bistros in Nantes is also the one that manages (when there’s no virus in the air) to hold the most customers/friends per square meter. Concerts, exhibitions, shows, speeches, meetings… and drinks!

Wattignies Social Club

A place of life and sharing for all. There you can find a flea market, a bar, and a bike repair workshop. numerous events organized throughout the year. And there’s always a toilet at your disposal, in case of an urgent need.

Bam Bam Caf├ę

A caf├ę where you can eat and drink, but also read, relax, work and discover artists on stage and on our walls. Great atmosphere, great menu and soft blankets!

Caf├ę Saint-Pierre

A caf├ę as we like them, with everything needed to comfort oneself with a drink or a hot beverage. And there’s always a toilet to welcome you at ICI Toilettes, ideally located opposite the cathedral.

Little Britain Caf├ę

A little piece (and taste) of England in this magnificent tearoom opposite the Grand Blottereau park. In addition to a warm welcome, you’ll be able to sample delicious pastries and take advantage of the sobritish brunch offered by the house on Sundays.

Chez Peste & Chipie

At Peste & Chipie, you’ll find it all: great local produce to enjoy or take away, plenty of original items and cloths, good beers and, above all, a warm welcome. Concerts are regularly organized, and the small terrace welcomes you for a good cup of coffee.

Chez Ta M├Ęre

A bistro as we love them, to have a small coffee, enjoy good homemade cuisine (the name says it all) or take advantage of the aperitif hour in peace. All three “Chez Ta M├Ęre” establishments in Nantes welcome you in case of an urgent need. 

O time of friends

This small, friendly bar is ideally located in the heart of Nantes to warmly welcome you when you’re in an urgent need. Here you can sample natural wines, beers and cocktails. Numerous concerts and artists’ exhibitions are on the program.

RITM gym

Our partner allows you to use its sanitary facilities if you have a pressing need in the Cit├ę des Congr├Ęs area. This modern, welcoming gym offers various group classes (including in the pool) and two squash courts.

La Trinquette

Homemade croque-monsieur and daily specials at lunchtime, draught beers in a friendly, cosy bistro with benches and terrace. La Trinquette can also help you out for your pressing needs.

Le Sauvage

Le Sauvage welcomes you with its warm atmosphere in this lively neighborhood of Nantes.

Le Chat Noir

Le Chat Noir is a caf├ę-concert partner of ICI Toilettes, but first and foremost a place for living and sharing, with a committed inclination and an assertive artistic dynamic! A monthly program of artistic and entertaining events, including poetry slam evenings and improvisation theater! The bar has a year-round terrace, two rooms with stages for concerts and other shows, and a back room with a fireplace that can accommodate groups.