The ICI Toilettes project

The idea was born in 2018 in Nantes during a hackathon. Thomas Herquin, founder of ICI Toilettes, is one of the winners with the following idea: a mobile application that provides access to the nearest toilets made available by local shopkeepers through geolocation. They welcome users in exchange for compensation from the authorities for the service provided.

Thomas then brought Damien and Chloé on board to develop the project, combining their views and skills. The team started creating a beta version, conducting commercial prospection, and in 2020 signed a partnership with the city of Nantes for a first experimentation. Since then, toilet mapping in France has continued to expand, and now includes 5 major partner cities!

Thomas Herquin

Entrepreneurship in his blood, a project manager's vision, financial knowledge and the desire to turn ideas into reality. Formerly a project manager in finance and IT within a French industrial group specializing in climate engineering, he launched the project and won't stop here.

Damien Naour

In charge of applications, he's the team's technological asset. He is responsible for implementing the ICI project and carrying out our technical developments. We found a geek with a social vision, and that's not so often. Thanks to him, you'll get as far as here.

Chloé Bergerat

With a passion for communication and a degree from ÉNSAD in Paris in multimedia graphic design, Chloé meets marketing needs. She'll turn the toilet into a place-to-be to convince you to use ICI.

Hugo Pinard

A dedicated digital enthusiast, Hugo embarked on the ICI Toilettes adventure in September 2023 as an intern. Its main mission? Get the word out about ICI Toilettes through all communication channels! With Hugo, communication happens here!

Mehdi Gherous

Mehdi is our master of relationships in France, juggling brilliantly between shopkeepers and our team. Always ready to build a future where every accessible toilet counts, it's here that Mehdi makes the difference!

ICI Toilettes raises funds on WEDOGOOD!

Despite the COVID epidemic and the period of confinement, the team successfully completed this initial fundraising round, confirming citizens’ commitment to living differently. An important step in making the project viable and testing interest in our solution.
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Our support from Lekko

For the past two years, ICI Toilettes has been supported by Lekko, a start-up accelerator based in La Rochelle. Specializing in sustainable tourism, Lekko shares our values of innovation and sustainability. This strategic partnership has highlighted the tourist appeal of our solution, reinforcing our commitment to responsible tourism accessible to all.

With the support of VillageByCA

Supported by VillageByCA, the Urban Services group, which develops the ICI Toilettes solution, moved to the Nantes incubator premises at the beginning of 2024. An opportunity to work on a number of challenges, such as our business model, our growth paths, our brand as an employer… A pool of skills and an emulation that are good for our company!