The Paris Games: A Toilet Challenge for the Capital!

The Games in 2024 in Paris are shaping up to be a memorable global event, attracting visitors from all over the world. However, beyond the sporting performances and celebrations, a major logistical challenge lies ahead: public toilets. Every year, 15 million people use them.

But how is the capital preparing to welcome millions of people and guarantee an optimal experience?

Olympic games

New solutions for the city

Over the past few months, Paris has spared no effort to meet this challenge with ingenuity. The city announces the addition of 315 additional urinals and toilets on the public domain by signing a new contract with JCDecaux for 18 million Euros. This demonstrates a real commitment to anticipating and responding proactively to this problem.

In addition to this, around 40% of public toilets will be replaced by new, more ecological and technological models that will cut cleaning time by a factor of three, naturally increasing the number of users.

"These new toilets will be more environmentally virtuous with water and electricity consumption reduced by two-thirds and one-third respectively."

The all-new sanisettes, the brainchild of designer Patrick Jouin, who had already left his mark on the previous model, are now ready to welcome visitors to the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024.

Ici Toilettes : Your Essential Guide to the 2024 Olympic Games

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