How do I find PRM toilets?

How do I find PRM toilets?

HOW can I find PRM toilets?

For people with reduced mobility (PRM), finding suitable toilets while on the move can be a significant challenge. Fortunately, there is a solution at hand: the ICI Toilettes application. The app simplifies the search and access to PRM toilets, providing a practical and reliable solution for daily journeys. Discover how ICI Toilettes can improve your quality of life by providing easy access to clean, accessible toilets, no matter where you are.

Download ICI Toilettes and filter to get only PRM toilets 🗺️

You can also filter available toilets  on the map to see only the ones that are accessible to PRM. By selecting this option, you discard toilets that aren’t suited to your needs, and concentrate only on those that offer the necessary amenities to ensure your comfort and safety. 

A real time and energy saver! 👍

View the toilets in real-time (reviews, opening hours, accessibility, photos...) 🕖

Access real-time essential information about the listed toilets, including community reviews, opening hours, level of cleanliness level and PRM accessibility. These features enable you to make informed decisions and choose the facilities that best suit your needs. 

This way, you can avoid unexpected inconveniences and ensure that the toilets you choose perfectly meet your expectations in terms of accessibility, cleanliness and availabilitySo  you can feel confident when you’re on the move!

ICI Toilettes highlights

Users say thank you! ✅

User reviews on ICI Toilettes highlight the difficulty of finding toilets in town, especially for people with disabilities.

Digiovanni Jocelyne
Digiovanni Jocelyne
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It's truly magical to be able to get around without having to worry about toilets, especially when dealing with a recurring condition that makes it difficult to travel.

Find PMR-accessible restrooms at partner retailers 🍻

In addition to public toilets, ICI Toilettes offers the option of visiting partner retailers, such as bars and brasseries, which often provide cleaner, less crowded toilets. ICI Toilettes partner establishments are currently available in 3 cities in France (Montreuil, Grenoble, Nantes) and soon in Paris!

What’s more, users can find out shop opening hours in advance, as accessibility has been verified with photos taken on-site. This allows for precise planning of travels, giving extra peace of mind to PRM users. Find out more about our partner retailers. Visit us here!

At last, people with disabilities can plan their journeys more easily.👩‍🦽

Planning your journey around toilets is often a challenging task for people with disabilities.The uncertainty of finding suitable facilities can be a source of anxiety and can limit freedom of movement. Thanks to the app, you can anticipate and plan your journeys accordingly, for a greater peace of mind while in the city. 

By knowing in advance which toilets are accessible along your route, you can plan your journeys with confidence.

Accessibility of the ICI Toilettes app simplified & adapted for people with disability issues 🔎

The ICI Toilettes application is designed for a maximum accessibility, with a user-friendly interface adapted for people with disabilities. Featuring built-in audio description for the blind and visually impaired, as well as simplified buttons and intuitive navigation.

Download and use the app with ease to find adapted toilets wherever you are.

Find all PRM accessible toilets on the ICI Toilettes app!

Would you like to see all our partner merchants who share their toilets in your town? Go directly to our ICI Toilettes application or to our “Partners” section at the top of our website page.

Public toilets – Where to find them? The guide to finding them everywhere!

Public toilets – Where to find them? The guide to finding them everywhere!

Where can I find public toilets?

Ah, that fateful moment when a little inner voice reminds you that finding public toilets becomes the most crucial mission of all. Those days are gone! Whether you’re a city dweller in a hurry, an intrepid traveler or simply caught off-guard, our “Where can I find public toilets?” as well as our ICI Toilettes application will help you find them, whether you’re in Paris, Bordeaux, Grenoble, Lyon… Let’s check together the unexpected corners and strategic locations where you can satisfy this fundamental need with serenity, anywhere in the world.

To view all our partner retailers sharing their toilets in your town, open our ICI Toilettes application or go to our “Partners“at the top of our website.


1 - In parks and green spaces

Urban parks are oases for nature lovers and toilet seekers. Public toilets are often well-maintained, offering peaceful shelter in the midst of nature.

2 - In shopping malls

Malls are much more than just shopping temples. They usually feature clean, spacious toilets. Don’t hesitate to ask the security guards if you’re having trouble locating them.

3 - In stations

Railway stations are travel hubs where you’ll often find well-maintained toilets. Take a well-deserved break while you wait.

4 - At service stations

Service stations not only provide petrol, but also toilets open to the public. It’s a convenient stopover on your journey to stretch your legs and satisfy your needs.

5 - In libraries

Libraries are cultural jewels and, often, places with sanitary facilities. Check out your local library for an educational experience with a welcome break.

6 - In cafés & restaurants

Restaurants and catering establishments aren’t just for culinary delights. Many welcome non-customers to use their toilets! In fact, you can find a list of our Ici Toilettes partners who welcome you free of charge in the “Partners” section or on our application.

7 - In amusement parks

Amusement parks are the ultimate playground, but did you know they also have toilets at every corner ? A handy trick in between rides.

8 - In DIY stores

Large DIY stores are often equipped with toilets. Visit them for your renovation projects and make the opportunity to take a break.

9 - In hotels

Even if you’re not a hotel guest, many allow the public to use their toilets . Walk confidently down the hall to the place of relief.

10 - In museums

Museums offer an enriching educational experience, and are often equipped with modern sanitary facilities. Explore art and science with peace of mind.

What is parcopresis, and how to fight it in 5 steps?

What is parcopresis, and how to fight it in 5 steps?


Psychological balance is often overlooked, but disorders such as parcopresis, or fear of evacuation, can have a significant impact on daily life. This article explores this disorder, its origins, and offers advice on how to overcome this specific anxiety.

I - What is Parcopresis?

Parcopresis, also known as phobic toilet syndrome, is a phobia that manifests itself as a fear of defecating in a public toilet or in someone else’s home. it causes delays in evacuation, which can have consequences for gastrointestinal health and overall quality of life.

Origins and Contributing Factors

The origins of parcopresis are often complex and can vary from one person to another. Some common factors include traumatic experiences related to toilet use, self-esteem issues, or excessive concerns about the judgment of others. Social and cultural pressures around toileting can also contribute to anxiety.

II - Symptoms of Parcopresis

Toilet avoidance

People with parcopresis may avoid using public toilets or those at friends’ homes, which can lead to long-term health complications.

Intense anxiety

The mere thought of using a toilet away from home can trigger intense anxiety, sometimes accompanied by physical symptoms such as sweating, shaking or stomach aches.

Impact on quality of life

This phobia can restrict social activities and lead to difficulties at work or school, significantly altering quality of life.

III - How to combat Parcopresis? 5 practical tips

1) Seeking professional help

Consulting a mental health professional, such as a psychologist or psychiatrist, can be the crucial first step in understanding and treating parcopresis.

2) Social support

Talking about your fears with trusted friends and family can provide crucial emotional support. Empathy and understanding can play a significant role in the healing process.

3) Progressive exposure

Gradually exposing yourself to feared situations can help desensitize fear. Starting with familiar surroundings can be the first step.

4) Relaxation and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques

Learning relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing or meditation, can help manage toilet-related anxiety. CBT is also often recommended for treating parcopresis. It helps to identify and change the negative thought patterns associated with the phobia.

5) Small aids such as the ICI Toilet app:

The ICI Toilettes app also helps people who think they havethis phobia, or who actually do haveit . She does her best to show you the nearest toilets in advance, whether they are public toilets or those belonging to our partner retailers. We work daily to list and select clean toilets, to avoid parcopresia and claustrophobia.

With ICI Toilettes, youou’re safe. Would you like to see all our partner merchants in your town? Go directly to our application or to our “


Please click on “Partners” at the top of our site.